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WOD 8/2/19

Posted on August 1st, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 8/2/19

If you are friends with my sister anna Harris or even if you arent wish her a happy birthday today.

Fitness and Performance


200m Run
25-Cal Bike
25-Cal Row
25-Cal Ski
200m Run
20-Cal Bike
20-Cal Row
20-Cal Ski
200m Run
15-Cal Bike
15-Cal Row
15-Cal Ski
200m Run
10-Cal Bike
10-Cal Row
10-Cal Ski
200m Run
5-Cal Bike
5-Cal Row
5-Cal Ski
200m Run
(The calories can be done in any order on the machines. And can be done differently each round. EX: Bike row ski. Then row ski bike on next series.

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