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Brute Fitness is a personal training program in a class setting. We offer unconventional training methods that allow our clients to take their fitness to the next level. We have a unique program and training facility – not your typical health club/global gym. At Brute Fitness, athletes(clients) are not judged on appearance, strength or speed. We mark excellence in respect, ethic, drive and heart. Performance will follow. 

Our Approach

Our concept is to provide the top athletic training techniques using a broad range of equipment in a unique way to everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. Our certified trainers offer athletes and athletic-minded people of all ages and abilities a full range of training options.

Train like an Athlete…Look like an Athlete

How many times have you heard people say that the best they ever felt and looked was when they played high school or college sports? Maybe you’re one of them! Do you often look at athletes in admiration for not only the way they look, but also the way their bodies move and perform in competition? Many people want the athletic look, but most train counter to how athletes train. Athletes focus on improving cardio respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, balance, agility, accuracy, coordination, flexibility and power.

At Brute Fitness, we use a variety of modalities and techniques including: plyometrics, Olympic lifts, bodyweight training, kettlebells, ropes and free weights. Athletic training will increase lean muscle, improve fluid and functional movement, help with fat loss, and develop anaerobic/aerobic conditioning. Additionally, athletic training prevents injury and improves flexibility and stability. The best thing about training like an athlete is that sessions are fun – we’ll have you sprinting hills, box jumping, pressing sandbags, flipping tires and more!

Why Train Like an Athlete?


– Develop lean, proportioned muscles that work together to improve functional movement
– Improve anaerobic and aerobic conditioning
– Decrease body fat
– Prevent injuries
– Increase athletic performance
– Increase flexibility, balance and coordination
– Improve speed, quickness and power
– Improve quality of movement for everyday life
– And, athletic and functional training is fun!


Brute Fitness uses only free weights, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other free moving equipment in our program.  We have no machines that restrict that natural human movement.  By using only free moving training pieces, Brute Fitness members develops a truly functional fitness that improves and supports all of your daily activities. Crossfit is all about training for everyday life and In most walks of life we are not always in an air conditioned or heated spaces so why not train that way. Here at Brute Fitness you won’t find commercial heaters and air conditioners, just a few fans and a great workout!

At Brute Fitness, you’ll receive more than just a cool place to work out; you’ll receive guaranteed personal instruction during every workout.  We’ll take the guesswork out of your workouts and provide you with constantly varied, functional workouts that give you the results you’ve been looking for.  Seriously, join us an hour a day, at least three days a week – we guarantee you’ll be in the best shape of your life.

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