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Programs and Pricing

Do not compare our prices to other gyms, we cannot be compared to any typical gym where you pay a flat fee to come in and use the equipment. We program your workouts for you, instruct movements daily, offer nutritional and programming advice if desired, and guide you through scaling and developments in your workouts every time you walk in the door. You cannot compare our group class prices to private training rates as you are in a group class and essentially are getting private training at the fraction of the cost. We believe each client gets every penny worth what they pay.

Please come by M-F if your new and are wanting to see what Brute Fitness is about. Just come a few min early to meet the trainers and hear a little about or program and discuss starting in our Foundations Class.


Foundations – This class is for new clients only, on every Saturday. The goal of this class is to introduce new clients to what CrossFit is and the goals that we strive for. You will learn the basic foundational movements of CrossFit as well as how our workouts are set up and how the normal classes are run. This class will last anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours long starting at 10am every Saturday. We will discuss exercises and why we do them and what our standard for full range of motion is. Also we will discuss different styles of workouts that we do as well as touch a little bit about diet. You will learn that our overall goal is fitness not just to drop fat or gain muscle, even though both of these will happen, but to find a good medium of staying lean while putting on lean muscle as well to be strong. This Class is $25 and includes a Free Brute T-Shirt. – CLICK HERE FOR FOUNDATIONS OUTLINE

CrossFit Class – Normal group CrossFit Class led by instructor. Must complete Foundations or be checked of by a Head Trainer to join these classes.

Open Gym – Times allowed for anyone that has completed the Foundations class to come in and work on anything extra or do another WOD(Workout Of the Day, space permitting. There will be no coaching here but there will be a trainer at the gym. You may do the regularly scheduled WOD, practice a skill, do strength work, or do any other WOD. Anyone that comes to open gym, during the 4:30 time in the main gym, must have all their work finished and equipment put up by 5:20pm in preparation for the 5:30pm class!! The dungeon will still be open at all times during regular classes for open gym.

 Pricing Options

$90/month — Unlimited to any of our group cl, along with access to the Core, Stretch, and Mobility Class.

$70/month — Unlimited For Police, Firefighter, and Military, along with access to the Core, Stretch, and Mobility Class.

$85/75/month — Pricing is no longer available with the exception of past members who joined prior to Jan 1, 2107 or that were with us beginning before Jan 1, 2013. As long as you continue to come every month there will be no price increase for those members. If you leave ans come back you pay whatever current members are paying.

$25 — One time fee for any new client doing our Foundations Class

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