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Brute Challenges

Each exercise must be completed in one level to be able to move over and begin on the next level.

All challenges must be seen completed by a level 1 certified trainer to be signed off on.

If you complete Brute Elite – We will pay for half of your level 1 certification!!

Are You Elite Enough to Challenge?

Newbie Barbarian Spartan Brute Brute Elite
1 Member for at least 1 month Member for at least 3 months Member for at least 3 months Member for at least 6 months Member for at least 1 year
2 Airsquat 1 Pull Up Rope Climb 3/1 Pull ups Unbroken 40/20 Fran sub 3:00/4:00
3 Front Squat 10 Unbroken Double Unders 40 Unbroken Double Unders Snatch .85xBW/.75xBW Deadlift 2.50xBW/2.25xBW
4 Overhead Squat Box Jump 30″/24″ Back Squat 1.4xBW/1.2xBW Unbroken Ring Muscle Ups 3/1 5/1 L-sit Rope Climb, ascent/descent
5 Shoulder Press 1 Mile run sub 10:00/12:00 Helen sub 11:00/15:00 Diane sub 6:00/9:00 15 BW Overhead Squats
6 Push Press Shoulder Press .75xBW/.6xBW 5/1 Handstand Pushups BW Thruster 10 Unbroken Ring MU’s w/ turnout
7 Push Jerk Deadlift 1.5xBW/1.25xBW Isabel sub 7:00/12:00 1 Mile run sub 7:30/9:00 500m Row sub 1:25/1:40
8 Medball Clean :30sec Handstand Hold Clean and Jerk BW/.85xBW Jerk 1.3xBW/1.1xBW 5k Run sub 25:00
9 Sumo Deadlift Highpull 100 Burpees sub 9:00/11:00 Ring Dip 10/2 10 pistols each leg alternating Grace sub 1:30/2:00
10 Deadlift Karen sub 10:00/ 15:00 Box Jump 1/2 height FGB score over 360/300 100+ Unbroken Double Unders
11 Kettlebell Swing 500m Row 1:45/2:00 Bench Press BW/.75xBW Row 500 meters THEN perform a set of 20/10 STRICT pull-ups both within 4/5 minutes. Unbroken BW Bench Press 30/15

Current Brute Challengers

Newbies Barbarians Spartans Brutes Brute Elites
Adam Smith
Amy Brothers
Andria Blackwell
Amy Clayton
Amanda Houston
Cookie Beck
Taylor Cash
Hannah Fincher
Emily Amberson
Emily Thomas
Tyler Frost
Gene Millican
Heidi Cato
Hunter Grimes
Julie Hanson
John Edwards
Jami Grimes
Morgan Tucker
Mara Rodriguez
Megan Lancaster
Maegan Minton
Mu-Tsai Fang
Miranda Woods
Nick Thacker
Rana Davis
Sam Parrish
Sara Parrish
Sharone Malone
Stephanie Skelton
Tana Estes
Tim Sharp
Trent Wood
Whitney Hall
Brandon Weems
Jonah Harris
Mandi Roberts
Jason Tucker
Nick Webb
Mike Skelton
Karen Guthrie
Patrick Cash
David Ray
Dee Grimes
Lucas McCord


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