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WOD 7/2/15

Posted on July 1st, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 7/2/15

Brutes it has been brought to my attention that the cleaning crew is getting ready to quit because they are tired of your disrespect. Chalk stays in the bucket. Chalk your hand down in the bucket and after you have knocked the excess off your hands while down in the bucket then you can take your hands out of the bucket. If we are doing something that requires you put your chalk covered hands on the floor then after the WOD go get a fit whipe and clean up your own mess. Also if you must take a crap at the gym and you steak or splatter the bowl take the brush and clean your own crap. Have a little respect for others and the gym. I hope you would do better at your own home but maybe you have no reapect for anyone. So Brutes lets show the ladies that keep the gym looking nice and disinfected that you care about them and the gym and want them to stick around.

WOD 7/2/15

“JT has the Runs”
400m Run
21-Ring Dips
400m Run
15-Ring Dips
400m Run
9-Ring Dips
400m Run

Optional. You may go for “JT” if you think you can beat an exsisting leader board time but if you fail to do so then you have to run 1 mile for time right after you finish

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