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WOD 6/27/19

Posted on June 26th, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 6/27/19

Fitness and Performance

2 rounds
60/45-cal ski
35-ghd/abmat situps
30-kB swing 70/53


This workout will need to be done in 2 heats.

While one heat is doing WOD the other group needs to do:

Foam roll pass =frp

15-frp left quad

15-frp right quad

15-frp left hamstring

15-frp right hamstring

15-frp left IT band

15-frp right IT band

15-ftp on back

2×20 second up dog or cobra

2×20 sec childs pose

2x 20 banded shoulder stretch

2x 20 banded front rack stretch

2x 10 passthrough

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