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WOD 6/22/18

Posted on June 21st, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 6/22/18

Fitness and Performance

Team WOD
3 person team
5 rounds
300m ski (each)
10-db thrusters 50/35 (each)
10-c2b pullups (each)
(ex: partner 1 row 300m. p2 row 300m. p3 row 300m. p1 10 thruster. p2 10 thruster. p3 10 thruster. p1 10 c2b. p2 10 c2b. p3 10 c2b. repeat for total of 5 rounds)

(scaling options. shorten distance if needed to make rest equal. reduce weight on thruster. reduce reps on c2b or just scale to regular pullups or ring rows as needed)

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