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WOD 4/13/18

Posted on April 12th, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 4/13/18

Fitness and Performance

1. For Time
Hang Squat Cleans 165/115
Burpee Bar Muscle ups
(if unable to do bar muscle ups do:
Burpee Jumping C2B or Burpee C2B)
that will be a burpee. climb to top of stack of plates setting pullup bar 6″ above head and complete a jumping C2B. repeat for total reps. If able to do c2b without a band then do the 18-15-12 rep scheme of burpee c2b. THERE IS NO BAND OR REGULAR CHIN OVER BAR PULLUP OPTION

2. Core
5 Rounds
1 min Front Plank Hold
10-GH Raise

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