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WOD 3/15/17

Posted on March 14th, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 3/15/17

Fitness and Performance

30 min Alternating EMOM
1. 100m Run
2. 15-Wallballs 20/14
3. 15-KB Swings 70/53
(if you fail to maintain the number of reps in a min then continue as 10 rounds for time. That being said you have a few otions. Scale the reps early to 10 or 12 or scale the weight of the medball and/or KB so that you can maintain the given reps in a min. I do not want you dropping weight or reps in the middle of the workout. So whatever you start with you continue with even if it means turning it into 10 rounds for time)

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