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WOD 3/13/18

Posted on March 12th, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 3/13/18

Fitness and Performance
1. Thruster 1 RM
from rack or floor

2. 3 Rounds
25-Unbroken Wallball 20/14
100m Farmer Carry 53s/35s
400m Run
(sc weight to something you can do unbroken. if you fail to go unbroken the reps dont count. start over with something lighter. beginners discuss with coach an appropriate number of reps to scale to)

3. Core
100-Deck Squat Situps

Happy Two Year Anniversary To This Handsome Hunk! With this man by my side, I can do anything! Day 26/30 AB Challenge Grab a partner and get ready to get up close and personal! For Time: 100 Deck Squat Sit-ups @reebok @revive_rx @activeintell @ericmiller89 #30dayabchallenge I have really enjoyed this 30 day challenge, while I may not have an 8-pack to show off, I can happily report that my core is absolutely stronger. I am starting to really like what my body looks like. I know this has to do with more than just this 30 day challenge. I would like highlight @cateredfit, CateredFit is a delicious pre-made meal delivery service that delivers meals to my house so that I can enjoy them for lunch everyday! In addition to @workingagainstgravity I am unstoppable this season.

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