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WOD 3/13/14

Posted on March 12th, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 3/13/14

1. 10min E2MOM@75%1RM Jerk
2-Drop Jerk
1-Behind Neck Split Jerk

2. 3x500m Row@15% slower than ME 500m
(So if ME 500m is 1:30 that is 90 seconds. 15% of 90=13.5 so add 13.5 seconds to 1:30 and you get 1:43. So try to maintain exactly 1:43 pace for the entire 500m)
Rest 3 min between
(ONLY IF you do not have a ME 500m, establish one with the first 500m row and then do 2 more with formula above)

3. Spend 5 min working on:
(Choose at least 1)
A. Handstand walk
B. Toes to Bar
C. Muscle Ups

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