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WOD 2/16/18

Posted on February 16th, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 2/16/18

Fitness and Performance

1. 3 person Team Partner leapfrog
swap every 10/7 cal
(guys 10 cal and ladies 7 cal)

5 min AMREP
Cal Row

5 min AMREP
Cal Bike

5 min AMREP
Cal Ski Erg
(score is teams total cals)

2. Core Not for time but try not to stop moving
Heel Taps
Russian Twists 25/15 plate
(heel taps start laying on back with knees up bent at 90 degrees. slowly drop and extend slightly and touch heels to floor. try to keep abs tight and low back pushed into floor. left heels back up to start position. Russian twists try to sit up as straight as possible. hold plate and twist as far as you can touch floor then twist back to other side)

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