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WOD 2/14/20

Posted on February 13th, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 2/14/20

Happy Valentine’s Brutes

Fitness and Performance

Partner with 1 working at a time
For time
1. 60-Cal (your choice)
8-Rope Climbs(sc 3/1 beginner RC)
50-Cal (your choice)
6-Rope Climbs
40-Cal (your choice)
4-Rope Climbs
(You can use bike ski row and can use a different thing each time or same for all 3. Goal is just fastest time)

2. Acssesory Strength
3x 10 GHD situps
3x 5-10 strict pullups(use band if needed)
3x 3-8 strict HSPU or Seated Dumbell Press

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