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WOD 11/1/17

Posted on October 31st, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 11/1/17


1. OH Squat
5×1 with pause at bottom of squat

2. 4 rounds for time
15-UB Back Squats 75/55
15-UB KB Swings 53/35
15-UB Deadlift 75/55
(goal is sub 6. so scale as needed)


1. Snatch
5×1 Pause at Bottom of Squat

2. 4 Rounds for Time
15-UB Back Squat 75/55
15-UB Hang Power Snatch
15-UB Deadlift
GOAL is sub 6:00. Reps must be Unbroken and Time must be Sub 6:30 to be RX
This workout is supposed to be super fast. The weight isnt light for newbies to get first RX. Scale and try to be sub 6. If over 6:30 you missed the point. I will be way more impressed by a scaled weight that makes the time domain. Work on moving Fast. If you attempt RX and fail to make the time domain you are agreeing to do 50 burpees after WOD

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