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Paleo Challenge — The Beginning

Posted on January 3rd, by matt in Uncategorized. Comments Off on Paleo Challenge — The Beginning

Paleo Challenge — The Beginning

So we are on day 2 of 30 in the Paleo Challenge. I hope everyone is still on track right now. I’m sure for some this may seem easy and not a problem, great! For others it already may seem impossible but just remember that for those that are having a hard time already it will be over before you know it. These first few days are going to be the hardest, getting your body off the highs of eating grains, sugars, and overloading on starches but stay focused.

Food is like a drug to most people but by doing this it will make you mentally stronger giving yourself a sense of pride and accomplishment. Stay strong and stay determined. If you want to see a change physically and mentally don’t let yourself fall into the pit of eating junk just because you are hungry. You can always grab a quick snack of nuts if you need. Dont think about the whole 28 more days to go take this 1 day at a time small goals will end up with huge success!!

Here are a few tips on how to keep on track:

  1. Go ahead and take a day maybe a weekend when you don’t have a lot going on and make all the meat and maybe some veggies that you can. Grill it, Bake it, Cut it, Chop it, whatever you need to do. When not already use to Paleo if every time you have to eat you have to cook it then you will be more likely to just go out and eat junk that is quick. Think ahead and pre-plan your food
  2. Try not to keep junk food in the house. If your not around it then you cant eat or drink it and hopefully wont make an out of the way trip especially if there is already pre-made food in fridge
  3. Chew sugar free flavored gum to help curve some of your sweet cravings if you must.

Here are a few links to some good Paleo recipe sites for some of you that may need to change it up a little

  1. Every Day Paleo
  2. Elanas Pantry
  3. Paleo Betty

Here is the list of food also that you can eat. Just remember Stay on track it will be here before you know it and it will change your life!!

Paleo – Food List

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