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Paleo Challenge day – 16

Posted on January 18th, by matt in Uncategorized. Comments Off on Paleo Challenge day – 16

Paleo Challenge day – 16

So here we are at day 16 of 30 of the Paleo Challenge. You are so close to the end. I hope everyone is still going strong and eating clean feeling better and looking better also. I know that so far I have heard of numerous people down any where from 10 to 20lbs already and we are just half way through. That is so awesome to see and hear. I know that Jonah and I have been able to see a difference in many of you as far as how your workouts are going during and recovery time after. Now I know that during a WOD it sucks no matter what is happening and what your eating but hopefully if you are eating strict Paleo, you have been able to feel that little bit inside of you being able to keep going and not just stop and visit your good friend pukie.

A few things that i want to brush on however is that even though this is called the 30 day Paleo challenge, our goal is that everyone takes this on as an everyday lifestyle. Maybe not as strict as we are for this 30 days but for the most part eating Paleo or zone on an everyday basis with the occasional cheat meal 1 time a week or so. This is not just to lose weight but promote healthy muscle growth and fat loss at the same time. I have been eating a sort of zone/paleo hybrid for at least 2 years now and I can tell you it has truly changed my quality of life from where I was. I always have energy, I feel better, I sleep better, and in the mornings I wake up ready to go and get the day started! I have more sustained energy now than i ever have before so I know that no matter what happens or how long it lasts I can push myself through it cause i have been fueling my body with the right stuff.

The CrossFit lifestyle is all about eating healthy to sustain life for everyday function in the real world and to be able to have an overall active and healthy way of life. Our world has gotten so fast and made everything so easy to do that people have forgotten how to work hard to achieve something and have become very lethargic and sedentary in everyday life. Our goal through this 30 days is to detox your body from the junk that you normally eat and reset yourself to start over with healthy choices to promote a very active lifestyle and promote a better overall quality of life.

Hopefully by now everyone has seen some type of results from this and is over the always hungry feeling and sort of settling in to the paleo lifestyle. Remember whatever you put in your body is what your going to get out of it.If your putting junk in then your going to get junk out, If your putting clean foods in then your body is going to be able to perform at a higher level. If anyone feels like they have gotten to a plateau and has stopped losing weight then here are a few things to remember…

  • Make sure you are eating every 3-4 hours, going all day without eating slows the metabolism down and makes the body start to store fat because it goes into shock mode and is getting ready for something to happen. You have to eat more to lose more!!
  • When you eat always make sure to eat your protein, carbs and fat everytime. The fats are very important in this way of eating cause it slows digestion and absorption of nutrients down and gives a sustained energy level and makes you feel full for longer periods.
  • If you have to cut out some food cut out carbs and make sure to eat protein and fats still
  • Stay hydrated. make sure to be drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body flushed out.

Again i hope everyone is sticking with this we are almost there. Stay strong it will pay off by the end and give you a much better way of life and will feel better and sleep better.


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