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WOD 9/7/15

Posted on September 6th, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 9/7/15

Gym is closed.
At home do
10 rounds not for time
5-Strict HSPU

Treat this as strength work. You can do it as a 20min E2MOM or just rest as needed between rounds. Focus on perfect reps. Full extension with head through at the top of the HSPU. Make yourself as tall as possible while focusing on maintaining hollow body. If you can’t do strict hspu then do 3 negatives with kipping hspu to lock out. You can also scale down to feet on box and body in pike position or even to just 30 second handstand holds. On the pistols concentrate on getting full depth and full hip extension before dropping foot. Scale to a box or find something to hold to assist you through range of motion if needed.

Then have an active day. Go run bike or swim or play a sport

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