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WOD 12/14/18

Posted on December 13th, by jonah in Uncategorized. Comments Off on WOD 12/14/18

Fitness and performance

2 person team


1 MU (ring or bar/both partners)
100m Row(split equal)
10 russian swings 53/35
10 box jumps 30/24
10 T2B
10 burpees
10 db thrusters 50/35
Each round add 100m to Row and 10 reps to each movement.  on round 2 row 200m and 20 reps. on round 3 row 300m AMD do 30 reps and so forth. Muscle up stays at 1 each. Split reps as needed throughout workout on all movements besides muscle up and row

(scale for muscle up will be 5 pullups each round. just like the muscle up that stays at 5 each round and doesnt go up like the other movements do. Meters count towards challenge so split them in half with half each going to each person )

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